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About LIT Advisors.

Who We Are

We are a specialized law firm focused on helping startups to grow their operations in Mexico and abroad, and to help international fintech companies launch in Mexico.


We accompany our clients in their growth process since its incorporation, funding, launching and licenses, expansion, and more.

Our Vision

We believe it is time to re-think and introduce innovation into the legal industry. To transform the way in which legal services are delivered to add value to clients... and we want to be part of that transformation.


LIT Advisors was created by the necessity of efficient lawyers to "break the mold" and find innovative strategies for implementing new business models implementing old rules creatively. 


Our team members have worked in different industries such as international law firms, asset managers, telecom companies, broker-dealers, startups, crypto exchanges, and more. This multidisciplinary expertise allows us to deliver our clients a broader scope of legal services in innovative and efficient ways.

About LIT Advisors Fintehc Lawyers
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